Active Over 50's

Active Over 50’s is a class that has movements that can be scaled for all abilities and desires.  The class is as social as can be.  More like a family they will cheer you on as you work out to keep your mind, and body healthy.

Conditioning and Fitness

Conditioning and Fitness  is a functional movement class.  All classes are scaleable and designed to help you meet your goals – what ever they may be.  Members are a naturally supportive crew and they will cheer you on as you achieve your goals and be beside you when the going gets tough.


Pump uses barbells to increase strength and your metabolism.  Instructors guide you to lift in a safe manner that will help you see results that may even be unexpected.


HeartMovers is a class for those with heart issues or other health conditions.  The class is designed to help increase fitness at a pace that is right for you.  From slower movements, to working out from a chair, our instructors will find the right match for you to help you get more out of life.

Abs, Butts, Thighs and Stretch

Abs, Butts, Thighs and Stretch targets what the name suggests!  Movements that will increase your flexibility and your metabolism.


BootCampers enjoy the great outdoors.  Working out on the beautiful Caves Beach, this class utilises the sand and the water which is a great way to start the day!


Dancefit is a fun class that works us sweat.  Movements are incorporated into dance routines that are fun to try, excel and more at!


Boxing uses boxing gloves and boxing bags.  The class increases your strength and helps diminish aggression in a healthy way.

Fitness Fundamentals

A class where you can learn how to best use the equipment found in our gym.  Step by step with others and an instructor.


Suspension Plus uses your own body weight to achieve strength and resistance.  A more slow paced class that see high intense results.

Roxy's Mix

Roxy’s Mix is a class that is always different.  Using all sorts of equipment and movements, no two classes are the same.

mainly music

mainly music is for babies and preschoolers and their carers.  A music program that includes morning tea and lots of movement, dance and story time.