From the moment you walk through the door you know Caves Beach Gym is a unique place

Caves Beach Gym is a not-for-profit gym, which means we aren’t here for profit, we are here to serve you. We love working beside you, helping you achieve your health goals. We run programs through the year that can help you achieve specific goals. We also support various local and international charitable organisations, taking our healthy outlook further afield. We actively support the local tennis club and local schools. Caves Beach Gym is a ministry of Swansea District Baptist Church. We offer a wide range of classes, that change as the needs change. We also have fantastic coffee, supplements, a wonderful Creche for the kids and high quality staff.

Our Mission

To serve our local community, and help to create a healthier and kinder place.

We want to share our passion for fitness and create a community guided by good health practices with a whole of body focus. We want to celebrate your accomplishments, milestones and more. We are committed to providing excellent customer service (always with a smile), open communication and never losing focus on the individual needs, both inside and outside the gym.