Code of
MANNERS – Be polite and courteous to other members, staff, and the trainers. Any
form of verbal or physical intimidation may result in immediate termination of membership.
CONSIDERATION – Please don’t scream, grunt, or swear. Members do not want to
hear it. Please DO NOT DROP WEIGHTS. Our floor will suffer damage if weights are
dropped on it and our equipment is not designed to be dropped. Furthermore it shows no
consideration for other members, or for the gym.
ETIQUETTE – Please share the equipment, as membership does not mean that you
own it. Offer to work in with fellow members if you see that they want to use the machine
you are using.
BEHAVIOUR – Any form of illegal activity or poor behaviour will be dealt with by
CBG, or where necessary, the relevant authorities.
illegal substances in this gym will not be tolerated.
The use and/or sale of steroids or
DECENCY – Please honour yourself and your fellow gym members by not engaging in
‘trash talk’ behind someone’s back, or from behind a computer screen. Gossiping and
internet bullying are signs of weakness and insecurity. Keyboard warriors who disrespect
and/or bully members or staff of the CBG community are not welcome.
HUMILITY – Please leave your ego at the door. Nobody likes posers.
SUPPORT – We’re all in this together, so if you can do something to assist or help
fellow gym users, please do so.
ASK – If you are new to the gym or are not sure of something, please ask a staff
member. We promote a supportive, non-judgmental gym culture so please speak up and
speak out.
CHALLENGE – Push yourself in your workout and in life. Try new things. Breathe,
focus, and be here now.